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Drager Evita XL Ventilator was designed to meet the demanding requirements of the ICU environment by improving the interactions between patient, ventilator, and clinician.

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The new generation of excellence in Dräger ventilation

Dräger Evita XL delivers a comprehensive array of both controlled and assisted ventilation modes. It combines a broad range of performance capabilities with many advanced application functionalities, providing outstanding ventilation therapy and easy-to-use operation encompassing the entire scope of the ventilation process. The Evita XL helps caregivers find optimal ventilation settings, supports the weaning process, and improves caregiver workflow.

The Dräger Evita XL is a feature-rich ventilator designed to help caregivers deliver comprehensive, optimal ventilation — from implementation to the weaning process. The monitor responds quickly to individual patient requirements and ventilation situations for increased patient comfort and safety.

The Evita XL offers mask ventilation with NIV plus, which in many cases reduces the need for intubation. When intubation is necessary, the ventilator’s integrated CO2 monitoring helps caregivers ensure correct placement and metabolic stability. Select workflow support functions, including routine O2 suction or automatic P0.1 measurement, can also simplify clinical routines. A unique trolley system allows staff to easily maneuver the Drager Evita XL throughout the care facility.


  • The versatile unit responds quickly to individual patient requirements and changing ventilation situations.
  • Mask ventilation with NIV plus available in all modes with comprehensive monitoring and alarm adaptation.
  • Integrated CO2 monitoring helps verify correct intubation and metabolic stability.
  • Lung protection package offers a low flow P/V maneuver to identify optimal-PEEP and pressure settings for lung-protective ventilation.
  • An open breathing system with AutoFlow® or PCV+ allows spontaneous breathing in all ventilation modes.
  • Workflow support functions streamline clinical routines.
  • NeoFlow offers flow measurement at the Y-piece for fast response to patient triggering, leakage adaptation, and precise volume delivery for neonates.
  • SmartCare® / PS automated weaning system provides continuous vigilance for opportunities to reduce the level of ventilator support.
  • Automatic tube compensation supports respiratory independence during the weaning process.
  • Open breathing system with Mandatory Minute Ventilation ensures that patients, from neonates to adults, will receive the set minute volume, regardless of the spontaneous breathing level.
  • Maneuverable trolley for movement throughout the care facility.

Drager Evita XL Ventilator is a versatile mechanical ventilator specifically designed for long-term use in the ICU environment, recovery room, and transportation of ventilated patients within the hospital. The Evita XL is capable of delivering ventilation and respiratory support for a variety of patients by using several ventilation delivery modes, such as Continuous Mandatory Ventilation (CMV), and Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation (SIMV). These features make this ventilation system perfectly suited for supporting adults, children, and neonates with a minimum body weight of 3 kg (6.6lbs).

Technical Specifications

Ventilation settings:

Ventilation mode:

  • IPPV, IPPVAssist (CMV, CMVAssist)
  • MMV, MMVASB (MMV, MMV/Psupp)
  • BIPAP1), BIPAP1)ASB, BIPAP1)Assist (PCV+, PCV+/Psupp, PCV+Assist)
  • APRV
  • ILV
  • PPS (optional)


  • AutoFlowTM – Automatic adaptation of inspiratory flow in volume-controlled modes
  • ATCTM – Automatic Tube Compensation (optional)
  • NIV – Mask Ventilation (optional)
  • Ventilation frequency (f): 0 to 100 /min, 0 to 150 /min (Neonatal)
  • Inspiration time (Tinsp: 0.1 to 10 s
  • Tidal volume (VT) (BTPS): 0.1 to 2.0 L (Adult), 0.02 to 0.3 L (Pediatric), 0.003 to 0.1 L (Neonatal)
  • Inspiratory flow: 6 to 120 L/min (Adult), 6 to 30 L/min (Pediatric and Neonatal)
  • Inspiratory pressure: 0 to 80 mbar (cmH2O)
  • PEEP / intermittent PEEP: 0 to 35 mbar (cmH2O)
  • Pressureassist (PASB) (Psupp): 0 to 80 mbar (cmH2O)
  • Rise time for inspiratory pressure: 0 to 2 s
  • O2 concentration: 21 to 100 Vol.%
  • Trigger sensitivity: 0.3 to 15 L/min

Measured values displayed:

  • Airway pressure: Peak pressure, plateau pressure, mean pressure, PEEP, min. pressure (0 to 99 mbar/cmH2O)
  • Minute volume (MV), (BTPS): MV, MVspont, MVleak (0 to 99 L/min)
  • Tidal volume (VT), (BTPS): Inspired VT, expired VT, VTPS (0 to 3999 mL)
  • Breathing frequency (f): ftotal, fspon, fmand. (0 to150/bpm)
  • O2 concentration (FiO2): Inspired O2 concentration (15 to 100 Vol.%)
  • Breathing gas temperature: 18° to 51°C
  • Waveforms: Airway pressure-time, flow-time, volume-time
  • Trends (8 anyone configurable): FiO2, MV, VT, f, PEEPi, R, C, etCO2
  • Capnography (etCO2) (optional): 0 to 100 mmHg
  • CO2 production (VCO2): 0 to 999 mL/min, STPD*
  • Serial dead space Vds: 0 to 999 mL, BTPS*
  • Dead space ventilation (Vds/VT): 0 to 99 %
  • O2 saturation: SpO2, pulse

Alarms / Monitoring:

  • Airway pressure: High / Low
  • Expired minute volume: High / Low
  • Tidal volume: High
  • Apnea alarm time: 5 to 60 s
  • Spontaneous breath frequency: High
  • Inspired O2 concentration: High / Low
  • Breathing gas temperature: High
  • SpO2 pulse (optional): High / Low
  • etCO2 (optional): High / Low

Performance data:

  • Max. flow for pressure support and spontaneous breathing: 180 L/min (adult), 60 L/min (pediatric)
  • Valve response time: T0…90 ≤ 5 ms
  • Control principle: Time cycled, volume constant, pressure-controlled
  • Safety relief valve: 100 mbar (cmH2O)

Ventilator Includes the following:

  • Drager O2 and Air Hoses
  • CO2 Capnograph Sensor Drager 6871500
  • Flow Sensor
  • Expiration Valves
  • Stand

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