Maquet Servo-i Ventilator (NEW VERSION)


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SERVO-i allows you to choose treatment options according to your patients’ requirements. It continuously a platform that is easy use and to learn.

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A flexible solution treatment for every patient, everywhere

Maquet Servo-i combines a high level of clinical performance for invasive, noninvasive or neurally controlled venting with exceptional freedom and cost efficiency. It comprises all of the modes you would expect from an innovative ventilation system in the platform.

Three configurations SERVO-i Baby, SERVO-i Adult and SERVO-i Universal for all patient categories. SERVO-i Adult and SERVO-i Infant may always be updated to SERVO-i Universal.

All Maquet Servo-i ventilatory configurations are effective for bedside use and the majority of them are also accessible MR and HBO* editions. It has the power to handle the phases of distress into the waning stages of the ventilation procedure and through retrieval. The SERVO-i continuously delivers ventilator therapy that is outstanding. This can be to functionality, monitoring capabilities, treatment options, and tools. Since this ventilator can be used on a huge variety of patients, it is acceptable for any environment from the ICU to the department.

All-in-one platform


The Maquet SERVO-i permits you to choose the treatment option according to your own patients’ needs without having to be concerned about the ventilator’s capabilities. It combines the highest level of clinical performance with price efficacy and exceptional freedom. Ease of instruction, operation, and maintenance, as well as flexibility and modularity, guarantees a life cycle cost. In managing this modular system, the economic benefits are considerable: there’s not any need reinvest and to scrap for patient categories and situations.

Maquet Servo-i Ventilators available for sale. We take the Neo, Adult, and versions that are Universal. Contact available in stock for the exact choices and configurations. The units will be tested and calibrated with our trained biomedical engineers. It allows you to choose therapy options according to your patients’ requirements. It sports an easy to learn and use the system.

The SERVO-i venting system may fulfill the ventilatory needs of each individual, neonatal in addition to adult, in the most acute phases of respiratory distress during retrieval to the weaning stage. It always delivers outstanding ventilator treatment as lightly to monitoring capabilities its ventilator performance, treatment choices, and tools.

Key Features and benefits of SERVO-i:

  • Supports invasive in Addition to non-invasive ventilation with leakage compensation
  • Transport within hospitals with no reduction of treatment caliber
  • Allows for the investigation of different treatment choices like OPEN LUNG TOOL and AUTO MODE
  • The change between traditional pneumatic ventilation or neurally-controlled ventilation
  • Backup ventilation in the Event of apnea using automatic return to the supported manner if the patient begins to trigger breaths again
  • Fixing flow and strain tripping with fast response time reduces the work of breathing Compensation of compressible volume during inspiration
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity, apnea instances, an alarm sound level settings

Ventilation modes:
– Pressure Control (PC).
– Volume Control (VC).
– Pressure Support (PS).
– SIMV (VC) + PS.
– SIMV (PC) + PS.

“Extended” package additionally includes:
– venting ranges for all patient categories.
– Backup ventilation.
– Open Lung Tool® (OLT) software.
– Automode® computer software.

Each provided :
– NEW O2 cell
– Expiratory Cassette
– 2 NEW battery packs
– Mobile Rolling Stand w/ Drawers
– Support Arm
– IV Pole
– Running Manual.



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