Newport e360 Ventilator With External Touch Screen Monitor and Mounting Arm


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Newport e360 ventilator’s compact size, comprehensive features, and low cost of ownership make it ideal for hospitals and long-term care facilities.

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Newport e360 Ventilator Sophisticated technology made simple

The Newport e360 ventilator’s compact size, comprehensive features, and low cost of ownership make it ideal for hospitals and long-term care facilities. The Newport e360 ventilator—for infant to adults—offers a variety of modes, and has graphics and extensive monitoring built in a compact package for easy transition from invasive to noninvasive ventilation. With its intuitive user interface, the Newport e360 ventilator makes sophisticated technology simple to use.

With its compact size, comprehensive features, and low cost of ownership, the Newport e360 ventilator is ideal for today’s hospital and long-term care facilities. It offers a full spectrum of features for maximum flexibility, including FlexCycle, our patented, automated feature that actively manages cycling-off timing, breath by breath.

From infant to adult, the Newport e360 ventilator includes comprehensive mode selections, with graphics and extensive monitoring built into a single compact package that can easily transition from invasive to noninvasive ventilation. And with its intuitive user interface, this ventilator makes sophisticated technology truly simple to use.

The Newport e360 ventilator is available in a number of model configurations to best suit your needs.

Part # Specification
E360T-US-NA Newport e360T ventilator with external touch screen monitor and mounting arm, and additional premium features, US version
E360TH-US-NA Newport e360TH ventilator (head unit only), external touch-screen monitor compatible and additional premium features, US version
E360S-US-NA Newport e360S ventilator, with standard specifications and standard features, US version


  • This versatile ventilator supports patients from infants to adults in acute care or long-term care settings.
  • The ventilator’s compact size makes intra-hospital transport seamless.
  • An intuitive user interface allows direct access to commonly used controls and includes more advanced features in the touch-screen graphics display, with no hidden menus.
  • Automated features on the ventilator work together to add more efficiency to everyday operations to support ventilator liberation at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • The patented FlexCycle feature uses a unique feedback-controlled algorithm to automatically manage Pressure Support or Volume Target Pressure Support (VTPS) cycling-off threshold, breath by breath.
  • Automatic Leak Compensation automatically manages the bias flow while maintaining the flow trigger threshold for more reliable triggering.
  • Automatic* or Adjustable Slope/Rise enables automatic or manual adjustments of slope/rise setting to allow clinicians to minimize imposed work of breathing and maximize patient comfort.
  • Dual Control Adaptive Breath Management, for Volume Target Pressure Control (VTPC) and Volume Target Pressure Support (VTPS), automatically applies the lowest driving pressure possible within the set pressure limit to deliver the targeted tidal volume.

*Automatic slope/rise not available in U.S. models.


Easy to use

The intuitive user interface enables direct access to commonly used controls and includes advanced features in the touch-screen graphics display. This makes setup and training quick and easy. Navigating the graphics display screen is straightforward, with no hidden menus.

Noninvasive ventilation

The Newport e360 ventilator offers invasive and noninvasive ventilation (NIV). This versatility can reduce costs and simplify training. The automatic leak compensation with trigger interactivity is sensitive to the patient effort, without problematic auto triggering. This provides enhanced synchrony during mask ventilation.

Built-in safety

Designed with an array of safety features, the Newport e360 ventilator features comprehensive alarms with priority tones and occlusion detection with secondary pressure relief. The ventilator also has an internal backup battery in case of a loss of AC power. The detailed Event History records up to 1,000 events in a color-coded, easy-to-review log that can be saved and downloaded.

Extensive monitoring

The Newport e360 ventilator delivers breaths that can be compensated for altitude, temperature, humidity, tubing resistance, and compliance. Precise measurements can be taken from waveforms, loops and trends with the onscreen moveable cursor feature.

Weaning tools

Successful ventilation strategies are built on identifying the earliest time a patient can resume spontaneous breathing and also at risk of failing to wean. The Newport e360 ventilator provides easy-to-use tools for assessing weaning readiness: Occlusion pressure maneuvers using P0.1 and NIF measurements and RSBI (Rapid Shallow Breathing Index) that can be monitored and trended.

Low cost of ownership

Maintaining your patient on the same ventilator throughout the continuum of care is important. The Newport™ e360 ventilator’s compact size makes it easy to use for intrahospital transport between care areas. Standardizing on one platform can save time and money on training and biomedical support. A ventilator’s initial costs and long-term maintenance requirements are significant factors in purchasing decisions.

The Newport 360 ventilator offers a low life-cycle cost that can make a difference in your operational budget. Plus, to minimize downtime, our simple preventive maintenance is quick and easy to perform and can be done without opening the ventilator case.

Newport e360 Specifications


  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 13.9 in (35.3 cm) x 12.1 in (30.7 cm) x 13.9 in (35.3 cm)
  • Weight 38 lbs (17.3 kg)

Patient Range

  • Infant \ Pediatric – Adult

Breath Type / Modes

  • Volume Control
  • Pressure Control
  • Volume Target Pressure Control
  • Biphasic Pressure Release Ventilation (BPRV)
  • A/CMV
  • Spontaneous breath choices:
    • Pressure Support, Volume Target Pressure Support
  • NIV (noninvasive ventilation):
    • On/off in all breath type/modes

Adjustable Alarms

  • Low and High Exp. Minute Volume
  • High Resp. Rate
  • Apnea
  • Low and High Airway Pressure
  • Disconnect (Threshold %)

Automatic Alarms

  • [Settings] out of range/li>
  • Low and high FiO2/li>
  • Pressure limit below PEEP/li>
  • Low Paw below PEEP/li>
  • Sustained high baseline pressure/li>
  • Insp. time too short/li>
  • I:E ratio inverse violation/li>
  • Insp. time too long/li>
  • Low and high baseline (PEEP) pressure/li>
  • Volume target not met

Controls / Settings

  • Automatic‡ or Adjustable Slope/Rise
  • Automatic or Adjustable Expiratory Threshold (FlexCycle)
  • Tidal Volume
  • Flow
  • Resp Rate (frequency)
  • Flow Wave Pattern Pause
  • Sigh
  • Pressure Limit
  • Inspiratory Time
  • I:E Ratio
  • Trigger (sensitivity)
  • Pressure or Flow
  • Leak Compensation
  • Bias Flow
  • Insp. Hold
  • Exp. Hold
  • NIF/P.01
  • PV Maneuver + O2 (3 min)
  • Manual Inflation

Monitored Parameters

  • Ppeak
  • VTE % variance
  • RR spont
  • MVI
  • I:E ratio
  • Pmean
  • Cstat
  • WOBim
  • MVE
  • Time constant Total
  • PEEP Insp flow
  • Cdyn effective
  • Exp flow Pplat
  • VTI
  • Inspiratory time
  • PEEP
  • MVE spont
  • FiO2
  • VTE
  • RRtot

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