Philips EPIQ 5 Ultrasound Machine


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Philips EPIQ 5 might be the new leadership for a premium ultrasound, including an uncompromised level of clinical operation to meet the challenges of the toughest practices and technically difficult-to-image patients through each gestational age and for gynecology programs.

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The most potent premium ultrasound

EPIQ 5 is the new direction for superior ultrasound, featuring an uncompromised level of clinical operation to meet the challenges of the most demanding general imaging practices.

The Philips Epiq 5 ultrasound system combines the newest technologies with the ergonomics you need in one system. The Epiq series offers a user-friendly interface designed to save the operator time and maximize workflow efficiency. Technologies like Epiq’s PureWave transducers and precision technology deliver exceptional picture quality and the confidence to make an informed diagnosis.

It offers Purewave single crystal probes, a compact and lightweight design and superior design and workflow. The Epiq 5 replaces the elderly Philips iU22 with no xMatrix. The Epiq 5 has fewer probe choices and features compared to expensive Epiq 7. All the Epiq and Affiniti ultrasound machines look visually quite similar and use the exact same track and enormous tablet-like touchscreen for navigation.

Philips nSIGHT Imaging is an entirely new approach The Philips proprietary nSIGHT Imaging architecture introduces a totally fresh method of forming ultrasound images without compromise. Unlike traditional systems that form the image line by line, nSIGHT creates images with optimal resolution down to the pixel level.

Outstanding architecture Proprietary nSIGHT Imaging integrates the use of a brand new precision beamformer together with powerful massive parallel processing. This incredible structure captures an enormous Number of acoustic information and reconstructs optimally concentrated beams, creating a precise resolution for every pixel in the picture — all in real time

Designed for the user experience


EPIQ 5 is among the greenest systems we have ever designed. It consumes 25% less power compared to our current premium ultrasound. EPIQ 5 is almost quiet when running. A noise test determined that EPIQ 5 runs at 37-41 dB, which is equal to the sound of a library

Over 80% of sonographers experience work-related pain, and over 20% of them suffer a career-ending injury. With EPIQ 5 a new tablet-like interface results in dramatic reduction in reach and button pushes, with40% to 80% less reach and 15% fewer steps.

PHILIPS EPIQ 5 Ultrasound for Radiology with 2 Probe Premium. Three major settings such as Cardiovascular, Radiology and Common service / General Imaging.

Philips EPIQ 5 Features

The Philips Epiq 5 ultrasound system brings together the newest technologies with the ergonomics you want all in one system. The Epiq series offers a user-friendly interface that focuses on saving the operator time while maximizing workflow. Technologies like Epiq’s PureWave transducers coupled with precision engineering delivers exceptional image quality and the confidence to make an informed diagnosis.

  • Lightweight: 230 lbs
  • Highly ergonomic
  • 12” Tablet-like touchscreen user interface
  • auto doppler
  • High-resolution 21.5” LCD widescreen monitor
  • 4 probe connectors with fast switch capability
  • PureWave-Crystal-Technology
  • nSIGHT: clear, precise imaging throughout the image while keeping higher framerates
  • SmartExam & Real Time iSCAN (Autoscan)
  • PureWave transducers
  • 4D TEE
  • Shear Wave and strain-based elastography
  • 2D LV quantification post-scan aiming guidance to minimize uncertainty
  • Off-center scan and pubic bone interference notifications
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Onboard video tutorial for training and ease of use
  • Customizable savings calculator to track the cost of ownership

Philips EPIQ 5 Specifications


  • Weight: 230lbs(104.3kg)
  • Monitor (inch): 21.5”LCD
  • Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor: Yes
  • Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Image Size Resolution: 1024 x 768
  • Touch Screen ( inch): 12”
  • Trackball or trackpad: Trackball
  • CP Back-Lighting: Yes (3 steps)
  • Probe ports: 4
  • Battery: 45 minutes
  • Boot-up Time: 110 Sec
  • Sleep Mode ( Quick Start): Yes
  • Maximum Depth of Field: 30 cm
  • Minimum Depth of Field: 2 cm
  • Cart (HCU): No
  • Independent Steer & lockable Wheels: Yes

Sale includes – Epiq 5C / S5-1 / Pedoff probe / ECG cables / Manuals / Assorted connector cables.

Licenses: Adult cardiology / Auto doppler / Battery SW / Contrast card/ Mutimodality / Dicom / Smart exam / Stress Protocol / TDI / Physio SW and more.



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