Samsung HS40 Ultrasound Machine


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Samsung HS40 is an economy multi-purpose diagnostic ultrasound system designed to cover a vast range of applications such as obstetrics, stomach, gynecology, pediatric, little organs, including neonatal cephalic, mature cephalic, trans-rectal, trans-vaginal, MSK (standard, superficial), urology, adult cardiac, and peripheral vessel.

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User-friendly design, budget-friendly tools, and Extraordinary image quality

Every doctor specializing in sonography knows how vital accuracy and focus are in delivering excellent results. The Samsung HS40 is a high-quality ultrasound machine that allows you to achieve both of these crucial aspects.

The producers designed it to enhance your workflow and allow you to provide your patients with exceptional care. We will give you more insights into the Samsung H40 ultrasound machine so that you can assess whether it meets your needs. Read on!

What is the Samsung HS40?

Samsung Healthcare is a reputable company that has existed for years. People believe in the brand because it delivers high-quality products to customers. The Samsung HS40 is one of the best products from this company.

It features advanced imaging technologies to help you achieve precise and detailed images. Unlike other brands, this minimizes signal noise so you can concentrate on the patient without disruptions. Samsung hs40 contains all the necessary tools to enhance your workflow.

Why does the Samsung HS40 stand out from other ultrasound machines

Quick preset

Your experience with ultrasound machines does not have to be challenging. By choosing the Samsung HS40, you equip yourself with an easy-to-use machine. Selecting the preset combinations only takes a single touch.

This ultrasound machine’s quick preset eliminates any difficulties in its use. It maximizes efficiency and saves time since you can scan different patients quickly and easily. The apparatus also has a highly sensitive touchscreen, increasing interaction as you examine it.

EZ exams

Samsung hs40 helps you reduce errors thanks to the inclusion of the EZ-exam. You can create predefined protocols to help you perform complete exams. The feature improves organization and reduces mistakes during scanning. With EZ exams, it is hard to forget to capture compelling images.


Thanks to the enhancement of ultrasound technology, sonography can achieve high resolution. Samsung hs40 contains this crucial feature, which enhances diagnostic accuracy by visualizing tissue elasticity. It can detect tissue stiffness and convert this into clear images.

Auto IMT

Poor lifestyles and unhealthy diets have increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases in our society. Specialists use the Auto IMT screening tool to analyze patients’ risk of such conditions. The feature measures the thickness of the carotid walls, making it easy for doctors to diagnose and treat their patients correctly.

Tools that increase efficiency

LCD monitor

The LCD monitor is another feature that enhances the clarity of images in Samsung Hs40. This backlight unit offers good contrast resolution during scanning and vibrant color in pictures in different lighting conditions.


This ultrasound machine has a Samsung touchscreen that is highly sensitive. It boosts interaction during exams.

Gel warmer

Ultrasound gel must remain at the right temperature before being used on a patient. The gel warmer is a two-level system that maintains a comfortable gel temperature. The Samsung HS40, which utilizes advanced technologies, can be purchased to make an accurate diagnosis.

Mode: 2D, M, Color, Color M, PD, S-Flow, PW / CW, TDI / TDW, Anatomical M, 3D / 4D, Freehand 3D

Scan format: Convex, Linear, Phased, 3D / 4D, Pencil

Transducer inputs: 4

Device specifications

  • Color Doppler ultrasound unit with 21.5’’ LED monitor i 10.1’’ LED touch screen
  • Color Doppler ultrasound unit with 21.5’’ LED monitor I 10.1’’ LED touch screen, three transducer ports, HDD 500 GB, USB ports, DVD-RW
  • Specifications: PW Doppler, Color Doppler, DirPower Doppler, THI
  • Options: Panoramic, Elastoscan, AutoIMT+, 3D/4D, 3DXI, 5DNT, 5D Follicle, Realistic vue, Cardiac measurement, Strain+,
  • Needle mate+, CW, DICOM
  • Warranty: 1 year


  • 3D/4D convex probe VN4-8
  • 3D/4D endocavity probe V5-9
  • Convex probe CA2-8AD
  • Micro convex probe CF4-9
  • Linear probe LA3-16AD
  • Sector cardiac probe PN2-4
  • Endocavity probe EVN4-9


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