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Sonosite Iviz is a powerful diagnostic tool all over the palm of the hand. Together with the iViz on your pocket, you’ll be prepared to tackle those questions that are tough, whether it be at the bedside or in the field.

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Sonosite Iviz has an ergonomic design that allows you to operate it using only one hand. This ultrasound machine can be used in areas where space is an issue. The problem with some ultrasound machines is that they don’t last long. Some of the parts need replacement after a few years. You will not face this challenge if you select Sonosite Iviz.

The manufacturers use aircraft aluminum and glass that is resistant to damage. This means you can use the ultrasound machine for years without replacing any defective parts.  Apart from the above, Sonosite Iviz has a lot to offer. Here is everything you should know regarding this ultrasound machine. We provide this information to help you get a suitable imaging machine for your specialty. Find out more with Sonosite Iviz Review!

What is Sonosite Iviz?

Choose an ultrasound machine with a high-resolution display for uncompromised clarity. Sonosite Iviz delivers superior image quality to help you make a proper diagnosis. You can also quickly interpret data and prepare reports without wasting time.

It is a powerful tool that increases your mobility. The use of swappable batteries also makes it mobile since it does not tie you down to an electrical outlet.  Another aspect that increases its lifespan is the use of water-proof transducers.


  • Not an ‘off the shelf tablet’, instead built from the ground up
  • System and transducers drop-tested to 3 feet
  • Transducers are IPX-7 rated meaning they are fully submersible in water

Connectivity, Simplified

  • Designed to operate in today’s cyber-threat rich workplace
  • Tricefy™ inside every iViz device – fully encrypted & HIPAA compliant
  • Allows you to share and archive images anywhere, at anytime
  • WIFI connection and web browsing

Workflow, Simplified

  • The iViz workflow is streamlined and easy to use for one hand operation
  • Swappable batteries allow users to be truly mobile with minimal downtime
  • Export studies via Micro USB or DICOM
  • Connect to wireless printers
  • Connect to valuable embedded education to tools through the SonoAcess ™ 2.0 app
  • Display images through the HDMI port

Why is Sonosite Iviz a distinct ultrasound machine?

DirectClear technology

Thanks to this technology, you can capture even small sized images. It provides a high-resolution display for you to make an accurate diagnosis of different applications.


Sometimes, doctors consult each other to give proper treatment to patients. Sonosite Iviz gives you the chance to share images with colleagues thanks to the Tricefy feature. Most portable imaging devices lack this feature. The manufacturers include it in Sonosite Iviz to save doctors resources and time. 


The interface allows you to operate the machine using one hand. It enables the manipulation of image settings to boost performance. You can use it even in a crowded environment.

Other tools that increase its efficiency


Sonosite Iviz comes with a high-resolution display that improves the quality of the images. Thanks to the proprietary imaging technology, you can quickly interpret the images and make a proper diagnosis.

Wireless connectivity

Sonosite Iviz features advanced connectivity and mobile computing to help you access different patients’ records at the same time. You can also connect it to a wireless printer when you want to store exams or submit reports. Feel free to display images to a larger screen through the HDMI port.

Rugged design

The manufacturer uses aircraft aluminum to build this ultrasound machine. The high-quality glass protects the machine from liquid ingress. It also makes it easy to clean and maintain using disinfectants.

With the advancement in technology, imaging tools are getting smarter and better. Sonosite Iviz allows you to diagnose patients outside the hospital.  The technology included in these ultrasound machines enables it to deliver high-resolution images. Unlike other brands which take time to learn, this is not a complicated machine that needs training. Purchase it today and perform different applications. 

Come with all software, carry case and the full set of 4 probes (Cardiac, Abdominal & 2 Linear options). Transducer L38v Linear Array and Sonosite iViz Battery Charger Dock


  • There is a 3-year warranty as above.


Phased array (Echo probe)

  • Excellent images, slightly large

Curvilinear probe

  • Excellent images again!

Linear array probe

  • Fabulous clear images of vessels and lung. Individual nerve fascicles were identifiable with clarity! Brilliant for regional blocks and line insertion.


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