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Zoll E series Monitor Defibrillator comes with an easy to read Tri-Mode Screen, Pacer mode, and Defib mode and makes documentation simple when it is combined with information transfer options which take the paper away.

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The Zoll E Series is a portable defibrillator and monitor specifically designed for use in emergency medical services (EMS). It offers a range of advanced features to support pre-hospital care and is known for its durability and reliability.

The Zoll E Series is an essential tool for emergency medical services, offering a robust combination of defibrillation, monitoring, and data management capabilities to support pre-hospital care and improve patient outcomes.

Here are some key features and benefits of the Zoll E Series:

Zoll E Series Key Features:

  1. Defibrillation and Cardioversion: Provides both manual and automated external defibrillation (AED) capabilities, as well as synchronized cardioversion for treating cardiac arrhythmias.
  2. Advanced Monitoring: Includes monitoring capabilities for ECG, pulse oximetry (SpO2), non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP), capnography (EtCO2), and temperature.
  3. CPR Feedback: Real-time CPR feedback through the integrated CPR Dashboard™ provides metrics on compression depth and rate, helping to improve CPR quality.
  4. Pacing: Offers transcutaneous pacing for patients experiencing bradycardia.
  5. Data Management: Features comprehensive data recording and transmission capabilities, enabling detailed patient records and post-event review.
  6. Rugged Design: Built to withstand the demands of pre-hospital environments with a durable, water-resistant design.
  7. User Interface: Intuitive, color display with easy-to-use controls and quick access to critical functions.
  8. Battery Life: Long battery life with hot-swappable battery options ensures continuous operation during extended missions.
  9. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity: Enables wireless data transmission for integration with other medical systems and remote consultation.

Zoll E Series Benefits:

  • Enhanced Patient Care: Combines advanced monitoring with therapeutic capabilities to provide comprehensive patient care in the field.
  • Improved CPR Quality: Real-time feedback and performance metrics help EMS providers deliver high-quality CPR, which can improve patient outcomes.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for a wide range of emergency scenarios, from cardiac arrests to trauma situations, due to its multi-parameter monitoring and defibrillation capabilities.
  • Portability: Compact and lightweight design allows for easy transport and use in various pre-hospital settings, including ambulances and air medical services.
  • Reliability: Designed to perform under the most challenging conditions, ensuring EMS teams can rely on the device when it matters most.
  • Data Connectivity: Facilitates seamless data sharing and integration with hospital systems, improving continuity of care and enabling better clinical decision-making.

The toughest defibrillator released by Zoll is its Zoll E Series monitor-defibrillator. Described as a piece of rugged equipment, this particular model is designed to work in all sorts of extreme conditions. Zoll E Series make for Emergency Medical Service(EMS) work. Unit Capabilities: Biphasic, 12 Lead ECG, SpO2, ETCO2, NIBP, Bluetooth, Pacing, Analyze, ALS, and AED

Save lives with Zoll E Series

People in the healthcare and service industry have a noble purpose and duty. They save lives. And with Zoll E Series Monitor defibrillator they can do it much more, efficiently. The device has many several features that help keep suggestions by advisory boards to raise the chances of survivability of a patient.

CPR Monitoring

A recommendation made by the 2015 European Resuscitation guidelines was to minimize interruptions while performing CPR (Cardiac Pulmonary Resuscitation). Often CPR is interrupted to check if a shockable rhythm has developed. This interruption can be completely avoided with ZOLL’s patented See-Thru CPR technology. A filtered Signal is displayed on the screen which helps the person administering CPR to continue without stopping in the middle of CPR to check the results. This increases the chances of survival for the patient.

CPR Assistance

Another great feature that the Zoll E Series Monitor Defibrillator has is the Real CPR Help feature. It monitors and gives feedback to the person administering CPR. This results in Higher Quality CPR.

Especially during an emergency, it can give directions to both new and seasoned healthcare professionals to administer excellent CPR. The device uses an accelerometer technology. It can monitor and give feedback on compression depth and rate to meet guidelines for correct CPR. The correctly placed CPR electrodes capture and provide data on the rate and depth of the compressions. A high-quality CPR increases survivability and also better neurological outcomes.

Save paper and time

The Zoll E series of Monitor/Defibrillators were made and designed by professionals for professionals in the field. The RescueNet Code Review in this device can also help review the CPR administered. It saves the data for analysis and gives detailed feedback for improvement.

This unit can also monitor pulse oximetry and has a non-invasive way to monitor blood pressure. The E series comes with a Bluetooth enabled data transfer system for a greener alternative. You may view the data on a smart device instead of having it printed, this makes for easy viewing and saves paper. Having the results in real time is faster and more efficient than having the result printed.


The unit has a GPS function and excellent power management systems for when you are out in the field without a proper power source. It also has an adjustable energy setting. By default, it should have settings at 100 joules, 150 joules and 200 joules power output in the Defibrillator. If your local medical protocols allow it, the settings are also customizable.

This device provides valuable assistance to healthcare professionals. This device’s features can give healthcare professional the boost of confidence required to aid their CPR administering. It also saves time and provides better data for better service and aid for the patient.


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