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The LTV 1150 ventilator from CareFusion gives your patients the freedom of portable advanced care ventilation in the home or at a post-acute care facility.

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Ultra-sensitive flow trigger and intuitive touch-turn-touch interface.

LTV 1150 Ventilator provides portable, advanced ventilation for adult and pediatric patients at home or a post-acute care facility. LTV 1150 Ventilator is ideal for home care patients ≥ 5 kgs who only require low-pressure oxygen and up to 6 hours of wall independent battery power.

The sophisticated LTV ventilator flow trigger combined with internal PEEP compensation provides increased patient comfort and care. At 14 lbs and roughly the size of a laptop computer, the LTV 1150 ventilator features complex ventilation configured for convenience and mobility.

Features & Benefits

  • Easy transition and operation allows patients to transfer from the hospital to home
  • Turbine technology eliminates the need for a high-pressure air source
  • Oxygen resource management tool reduces oxygen consumption
  • Enhanced patient comfort and care with flow trigger and internal PEEP compensation
  • Optimizable trial settings
  • Versatility with highly customizable settings to support patient success
  • Single solution for any patient weighing 5 kg or more
  • Quick patient ventilation
  • Supports invasive and non-invasive applications
  • Portable Impact-resistant construction
  • Easy to read displays
  • Comprehensive monitoring
  • Compact, deployable design supports invasive and non-invasive applications
LTV 1150 Ventilator


The LTV 1150 ventilator combines high-level patient care with clear, easy operation for the caregiver. A patient on an LTV 1200 ventilator in a hospital may transfer almost seamlessly to the LTV 1150 to go home. This reduces strain on the patient and increases the caregiver’s confidence that their patient will have a successful transition to home. The LTV ventilator offers easy and secure solutions for travel, reducing the need for any changes in inpatient care, or caregiver training to move smoothly through both the interruptions and routines of daily life.


The compact shape of the LTV 1150 ventilator allows unprecedented portability and convenience in a home care ventilator. Use the LTV ventilator on a stand, in a backpack, or in a custom carrier. Mount it on a wall, the frame of a bed, or have multiple mounting places throughout your home or care center using the LTV dovetail bracket mounting system. You may even install a mounting bracket in your automobile or van.*


Use the LTV 1150 ventilator with the SprintPack Lithium-Ion Power System and travel with comfort and confidence. The SprintPack dual battery system provides up to 5 hours of battery power when fully charged. In addition, the LTV 1150 ventilator has an internal battery for emergency back-up, providing an extra layer of security.

Confidence, versatility, and comfort

The LTV 1150 ventilator offers many ventilation modes with wide parameters for those modes. Unlike any other home care ventilator on the market today, the LTV 1150 ventilator allows highly customizable settings for increased patient success through periods of stability or acceleration of their respiratory conditions.
Breath types include Volume and Pressure Control, Pressure Support, and Spontaneous. Ventilation modes include Control, Assist/Control, SIMV/CPAP, and Noninvasive. In addition, the internal PEEP and SBT offer extended value. With over 50,000 LTV ventilators installed throughout the world, the LTV technology and reliability inpatient care are established and growing.

Physical specifications:

  • Weight: 14.5lbs
  • Height: 3.25”
  • Width: 10.5”
  • Depth: 13.5”

Variable Alarms:

  • Apnea Interval: 10-60 seconds
  • High-Pressure Limit: 5 to 100 cmH20
  •  Low Peak Pressure: Off, 1 to 60 cmH20
  • Low Minute Volume:  Off, 0.1 to 99 liters
  • High PEEP: Off, 3 to 20 cmH20 above set PEEP
  • Low PEEP: Off, -3 to -20 cmH20 below set PEEP
  • High Rate: Off, 5 to 80 BPM
  • Alarm Volume: 60 to 85 dBA


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