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SERVO-s ventilator is based on proven SERVO technology, ensuring safe, reliable and high-quality ventilation.

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Servo-s Simply makes sense

Servo ventilators set the standard for the field of critical care. Based on proven Servo technology, Servo-s offers leading-edge mechanical ventilation in a straightforward package. It is reliable, sensitive to patient effort and ideal for both pediatric and adult patients in a variety of hospital ventilatory care settings. Easy-to-use, dependable, adaptable – discover all the reasons Servo-s simply makes sense.

The SERVO-s, by Maquet-Getinge, based on SERVO technology, is a device that offers mechanical ventilation for adult and pediatric patients. Designed for shelf or mobile cart mounting for in-hospital transport, it incorporates a 12.5 ”color touch screen with intuitive user interface, rotary main dial and direct access knobs. When combined with a micro compressor, it works independently of central gas installations.

The Servo-S offers a wide range of invasive and non-invasive ventilation modes, the latter with leak compensation. The sensitive flow trigger, together with the inspiratory flow controller, optimizes patient interaction and reduces respiratory work.

Maquet SERVO ventilators set the standard for the field of critical care. Based on proven SERVO technology, SERVO-s offers leading-edge mechanical ventilation in a straightforward package. SERVO-s ventilator’s simplicity of use makes it easier to provide high-quality ventilation bedside, giving you more time to focus on patient care. It features a wide range of ventilation modes that can be tailored to specific clinical situations. The intuitive user interface provides valuable decision-support information.

  • The sensitive flow trigger paired with a fast and precise inspiratory flow controller provides excellent patient interaction and reduced work of breathing
  • An intuitive user interface with touch screen, main rotary dial, and direct access knobs
  • Ease of training, operation, maintenance, and cleaning
  • Design for shelf mounting and intrahospital transport with Mobile Cart
  • Invasive and non-invasive ventilation (with leakage compensation for non-invasive ventilation)
  • SERVO quality ventilation independent of central gas installations when combined with Compressor Mini

Getinge Maquet SERVO-s Specifications


  • W 380 x D 300 x H 210 mm
  • Weight: approx. 18 kg
  • Dimensions of user interface: W 355 x D 53 x H 295 mm
  • Screen size and type: 31 cm (12.5’’) diagonal TFT-LCD module

Power Supply

  • Power supply, automatic range selection: 100 – 120 V AC ±10%, 50 – 60 Hz, or 220 – 240 V AC ±10%, 50 – 60 Hz.
  • External 12 V DC: 12.0 V – 15.0 V DC, 10 A
  • Battery capacity: Rechargeable, 12 V, 7 Ah
  • Battery backup time: At least 1 h
  • Battery recharge time: Approximately 6 h
  • Max power consumption: At 100 – 120 V: 2 A, 190 VA, 140 W. At 220 – 240 V: 1 A, 190 VA, 140 W

Operating conditions

  • Operating temperature: +10 to +40oC
  • Relative humidity: 15 to 95% non-condensing
  • Atmospheric pressure: 660 to 1060 hPa
  • The lowest pressure in the breathing system: –400 cmH2O

Gas supply

  • Inlet gas pressure: 200 – 650 kPa / 2.0 – 6.5 bar /29 – 94 PSI
  • Connection standards available: AGA, DISS, NIST, or French standard.
  • Unavailable gas/loss of gas pressure: The flow from an unavailable gas (air or O2) is automatically compensated for so that the patient gets the preset volume and pressure.


  • Type: TFT-LCD module
  • Size: 31 cm (12.1”) diagonal
  • Viewing Area: 246.0 x 184.5 mm

Inspiratory channel

  • Pressure drop: Max. 6 cmH2O at a flow of 1 l/s
  • Internal compressible factor: Max. 0.1 ml/cmH2O
  • Gas delivery system: Microprocessor controlled valve Inspiratory flow range: 0 to 3.3 l/s

Expiratory channel

  • Pressure drop: Max. 3 cmH2O at a flow of 1 l/s
  • Internal compressible factor: Max. 0.1 ml/cmH2O
  • PEEP regulation: Microprocessor controlled valve
  • Rise time, expiratory flow measurement:<12 ms for 10 – 90 % response at flow of 0.05 – 3.2 l/s
  • Expiratory flow range: 0 to 3.2 l/s


  • Airway pressure (upper):
    Invasive ventilation: 16 – 120 cmH2O
    Non-invasive ventilation 16 – 40 cmH2O
  • Expired minute volume (Upper alarm limit): 0.5 – 60 l/min
  • Expired Minute Volume (Lower alarm limit): 0.5 – 40 l/min
  • No patient effort (Apnea) alarm 15 – 45 s
  • Automatic return to support mode on patient triggering
  • No consistent patient effort Yes, described in User’s manual
  • Respiratory frequency: 1 – 160 breaths/min
  • High end-expiratory pressure: 0 – 55 cmH2O
  • Low end-expiratory pressure: 47 cmH2O.
    Note. Setting the alarm to 0(zero) is equal to alarm off.
  • High continuous pressure: Set PEEP level +15 cmH2O exceeded for more than 15 seconds.
  • O2 concentration: Set value ±5 vol% or 18 vol%
  • Gas supply: Below 200 kPa / 2.0 bar / 29 PSI and above 650 kPa / 6.5 bar / 94 PSI
  • Battery: Limited battery capacity:10 min.
  • No battery capacity: less than 3 min. Low battery voltage

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