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Light, small and quiet, Stellar 100 offers an excellent solution for the healthcare professional and a practical and comfortable solution for your patients.

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Stellar 100 is a non-invasive ventilator with invasive capabilities. It is equipped with all the essential technologies to help you treat a wide range of respiratory conditions in non-dependent adult and paediatric patients.

Light, small and quiet, Stellar 100 offers an excellent solution for the healthcare professional and a practical and comfortable solution for your patients.

From those who need NIV during their hospital stay to chronic patients at home with conditions such as COPD, NMD, and OHS, Stellar is a versatile system designed with its end-users in mind.

Stellar 100 also features wireless connectivity using the ResMed Connectivity Module so therapy data can be sent straight from your patients’ homes to AirView™ or AirView Exchange*. This system provides secure, remote access to daily online updates so you can easily view therapy reports and monitor trends when it suits you, without performing manual downloads. It also supports timely intervention and simplifies preparation for home visits to your patients.

Stellar highlights

  • Meeting the demands of fast-paced hospitals

Taking into consideration the busy hospital environment and typical workflows, Stellar’s intuitive menus simplify the setup process, while its real-time display makes monitoring quick and available at a glance.

  • NEW! Extra assurance with remote alarm

Stellar 100’s louder fixed and adjustable alarms are now complemented by a new Remote Alarm, so it is even more suited to hospital and care facilities or patients who need closer monitoring at home. The alarm can be extended to other areas in the home, hospital or care facility (such as the nurse’s station), and can be connected to a Hospital Alarm System

  • Integrated or external humidification options

the H4i™ Heated Humidifier for Stellar completely integrates with the ventilator if required. HumiCare D900 works as an external active heated option when consistent humidification in changing conditions is essential.

  • Delivering optimal therapy to suit your patients

Complementing Stellar’s range of therapy modes is Stellar’s combination of intelligent technologies. Precise and sensitive, technologies such as Vsync and TiControl™, rise and fall times, ramp and ramp down, 5 trigger and cycle levels, allow you to fine-tune settings on a per-patient basis.

  • Transitioning home and staying mobile

Stellar not only provides for patients’ respiratory needs but also helps them achieve lifestyle goals. Stellar’s lightweight yet robust design makes it a mobile solution for any environment where ventilation is needed.

  • Technologies for comfort and support

Precise and sensitive technologies that can be personalized for you are built into the Stellar ventilators. They are designed to keep you comfortable and well ventilated day and night.

  • Pick-up-and-go mobility

Small, quiet and robustly built to withstand everyday use, Stellar gives you the discreet mobility to continue with your daily activities with ease. With a range of battery and power options, plus custom-built accessories, you can move about with confidence.

Stellar 100 Features

  • iVAPS (intelligent Volume-Assured Pressure Support) is a mode that automatically adapts to your changing needs.
  • Intelligent Backup Rate (iBR)** gives you the opportunity to breathe spontaneously.
  • An optional AutoEPAP*** feature helps keep your upper airway free of obstruction.
  • Efficacy and comfort features can be fine-tuned to assist with mask leak and help Stellar to stay in sync with your breathing.
  • Ramp and Ramp Down. To help ease you into a therapy session, the Ramp feature gradually and comfortably ramps the pressure up to your prescribed level; and to help ease you out of a therapy session, optional Ramp Down gradually reduces the pressure.
  • An optional heated humidifier (H4i™) further promotes comfort.
  • To keep you on the go, an internal battery provides three hours of continuous power.
  • Other mobility options include external batteries, a DC-DC converter, and a custom-built mobility bag.
  • Ventilation is optimized through dual programs for day/night ventilation or rest/active periods.
  • Optional oxygen integration up to 30 L/minute and extensive alarms to provide added assurance for your safety and care.


  • Efficacy and comfort characteristics can be fine-tuned to help with mask leakage and help Stellar 100 keep your breathing in sync. Ramp and Down with Ramp. The Ramp function gradually and comfortably ramps up the pressure to your recommended level To maintain you on the go, an inner battery offers two hours of constant energy. Other choices for mobility include extinguishing.
  • Optional integration of oxygen up to 30 L / minute and comprehensive alarms to provide additional safety and care assurance.
  • Optional integration of oxygen up to 30 L / minute and comprehensive alarms to provide additional safety and careRamp and Ramp Down assurance. The Ramp function gradually and comfortably ramps the pressure up to your recommended level to assist you in a treatment session.



Features Stellar 100
Modes ST (Spontaneous–Timed)
PAC (Pressure Assisted Control)
CPAP (Continuous Positive Airway Pressure)
S (Spontaneous)
T (Timed)
Pressure range IPAP: 2–40 cm H2O
EPAP: 2–25 cm H2O
TiControl™ Ti Max 0.3–4 sec
Ti Min 0.1–Ti Max
Respiratory Rate 5–60 bpm
Rise Time Min, 150–900 msec (approx.)
Trigger and Cycle Five sensitivity settings
Adjustable alarms High Leak
Low Minute Ventilation
Low and High Pressure
Low and High Respiratory Rate
Low and High FiO2
Low SpO2
Non-vented mask
Standard fixed alarms Circuit disconnected
Blocked tube
Internal battery empty
Dimensions (LxWxH) 230 x 170 x 120 mm
Weight 2.1 kg
Air filter 22 mm taper, compatible with ISO5356–1:2004
Air outlet 22 mm taper, compatible with ISO5356–1:2004
Internal battery Lithium-ion, 2 hours at EPAP 5, IPAP 15, 20 bpm
Power supply AC 100–240V 50–60Hz,
2.2A AC 110V 400Hz,
2.2A DC 24V/3A
IEC 60601–1 Classification Class II (double insulation) Type BF Continuous operation
Data solutions Airview
EasyCare Tx software and Tx Link


*AirView Exchange enables the synchronization of your internal software application directly with Airview, allowing you and your staff to work within your own system.


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