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Sonoscape S2 is a color Doppler system with a practical design and stable performance that goes beyond your expectations, but not your budget.

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SonoScape S2 brings more value to sonographers than any other in its class. It caters to doctors’ needs with intelligent patient file management systems, convenient user-definable settings, and professional diagnostic applications. Working with S2, you can have comfort, accuracy, and confidence.

The S2, a versatile tool, is configured with comprehensive functions, including a wide range of scanning modes, outstanding 2D performance, sensitive blood flow, and 3D/4D imaging technology. The S2 is endowed with the best functions in its class! The scanning modes include B /2B/4B/M/ Steer M/Color/DPI/PW/ CW, empowering you in your diagnostic processes.

The SonoScape S2 portable ultrasound’s high performance stems from its advanced ultrasound Doppler imaging technologies, which include a fully digital beamformer, wide dynamic range, and multi-beam processing capabilities. The ergonomic, user-friendly design of the S2 enables you to customize the system according to the specific application requirements, making your work comfortable and efficient. The advanced workflow and image optimization features of the SonoScape S2 portable ultrasound keep exam times down and image quality high.

Implementing new software platforms such as intelligent patient file management systems, personalized settings per patient, and professional diagnostic applications represents an added value to any professional accustomed to the daily use of color Doppler technology. Working with our S2 translates into comfort, accuracy, and confidence.

Advanced Image Technology of Sonoscape S2 :

To begin with, the S2 IS SonoScape color Doppler is a portable intelligent system. With the new SonoScape software platform, the S2 brings more value to sonographers than any other in its class. S2 was attended to the needs of physicians with features such as intelligent patient file management system, user-definable configuration, and professional diagnostic applications. Working with the S2, you can have comfort, precision as well as confidence.

Clinical Applications Of Sonoscape S2 : 

Secondly, the wide range of clinical applications of Sonoscape S2 include :

  • General practice such as gastroenterology, gynecology, and obstetrics, Cardiovascular, Urology
  • Package software for calculations and post measures
  • Professional reports for different

Multiple Transducer Exams :

Convex, Linear, Transvaginal, Transrectal, Intraoperative, Micro-convex, Volume 4D

Optimization in Daily Practice :

  • Improved workflow, intelligent information management, color Doppler system with a friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Define your own work style: Fully adjustable working configurations
  • The easy image review system

Different Storage Solutions: 320 GB Hard Disk :

DICOM 3.0 LAN port, VGA Flash disk, External hard disk, external DVD, video printer, USB laser/jet printer

Auto Image Optimization :

Above all with the press of a button, the image is automatically adjusted, optimized, saving time with parameter adjustments. Additionally, with Auto Focus on, the focus area follows the depth of the ROI box as it is moved in the scanning field , providing users with excellent Image quality In the desired area of Interest.

Automated Calculation:   Moreover, E2 provides automatic calculations to enhance your diagnostic confidence and save time for patient communication.

Features / Characteristics of Sonoscape S2 : 

  • The 15-inch high-resolution LCD screen with a wide viewing angle
  • Standard PC keyboard, easy data entry
  • Two connectors for transducers with probe support for better protection of the wiring of the transducers.
  • Rechargeable lithium battery, 1 hour of autonomy in scanning.
  • Abundant peripherals: DICOM3.0, VGA, video output, USB, S-Video, pedal, etc.
  • Optimal workflow :
  • Improved workflow, intelligent data management, a user-friendly Doppler system, productive color!
  • Intuitive user interface: Clear system layout designed for convenient workflow, the menu interface
  • Clipboard function: easy image review during scanning
  • Intelligent patient data management: Easy access to the patient’s image and data storage, recovery, review, and report.
  • DICOM functions of added value: Save, Storage Commitment, MPPS, printing, worklist; providing more advanced file management solutions ;
  • A variety of data solutions: including 320 GB hard drive, DICOM 3.0 LAN port, VGA port, flash support disk, external hard drive, external DVD drive, video printer, laser  / Jet USB printer and so on.
  • M-tuning: Intelligent for image optimization

Sonoscape S2 Portable Ultrasound Included

  • S2 Main Unit
  • (1) Ultrasound Probe (128 elements linear array L741, 5-12 MHz)
  • (1) Ultrasound Jelly
  • (1) Probe Holder
  • (1) Power Cable
  • (1) Grounding Wire
  • (1) S-Video Cable
  • (1) BNC Cable
  • (1) Print Cable
  • User Manual
  • Standard Software:
    • Imaging modes: B/ 2B/ 4B/ M/ B+M/ THI
    • Full Digital Beam Former
    • Chroma Function
    • Clipboard Function
    • M-tuning: one-button optimization
    • PDF Report
    • Internal Workstation
    • DICOM 3.0
Note: 128 Elements Linear Array L741 (5-12 MHz) Transducer is included. This probe can be exchanged for a different probe at an additional cost.

Available Probes

  • 128 Elements Convex Array C344(Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2-6MHz/ R40mm
  • 128 Elements Convex Array C354(Abdominal, Obstetrics, Gynecology), 2-6MHz/ R50mm
  • 128 Elements Linear Array L741(Vascular, Small parts, MSK, etc.), 5-12MHz/ 46mm
  • 128 Elements Endovaginal 6V1 (Gynecology, Obstetrics, Urology), 3-9MHz/ R11mm
  • Phased Array 2P1 (Cardiac, Transcranial), 1.5-4.5MHz
  • Phased Array 5P1 (Cardiac, Transcranial, Pediatric), 3-8MHz
  • Volumetric Convex Array VC6-2 (Obstetrics, Gynecology, Abdominal), 2-6MHz/ R40mm
Warranty Information
  • 2-Year Warranty

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