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Discover the Philips Lumify, a portable ultrasound solution that transforms your smart device into a high-quality imaging system. Ideal for clinics, hospitals, and mobile healthcare, the Lumify offers advanced imaging, versatility, and real-time telemedicine capabilities. Enhance your diagnostic accuracy and patient care with Philips Lumify.

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An ultrasound machine should not tie you down to a specific location. A portable ultrasound machine can examine patients who can’t reach the clinic. Philips Lumify is a good ultrasound machine that you can use from anywhere. It helps doctors administer patient care in different situations, such as during emergencies, remote areas, and even in refugee camps.

As a sonographer, your primary goal is to deliver accurate diagnoses and efficient patient care. Philips Lumify is not just a tool; it’s a partner that helps you achieve this and more. Our discussion is designed to equip you with the knowledge you need about this ultrasound machine, empowering you to make your work easier and more effective. Get ready to feel confident and capable with Philips Lumify!

What is Philips Lumify?

Philips Lumify is an app that converts your tablet or smartphone into a powerful ultrasound machine. This portable machine has many useful accessories that increase flexibility and efficiency. The box includes a tablet, three transducers, a power cord, a carry bag, and a tablet case.

Key Features

  1. Portability and Convenience:
    • Transforms compatible smart devices into an ultrasound system, offering unprecedented mobility.
    • Ideal for use in a variety of settings, including clinics, hospitals, emergency rooms, and even remote locations.
  2. High-Quality Imaging:
    • Delivers exceptional image quality to assist in accurate diagnostics and treatment planning.
    • Supports multiple imaging modes including B-Mode, Color Doppler, M-Mode, and advanced needle visualization.
  3. Versatile Transducers:
    • Comes with a range of transducer options (linear, curved, and phased array) to cover diverse clinical applications.
    • Quick and easy transducer connections enhance workflow efficiency.
  4. User-Friendly Interface:
    • Intuitive app interface compatible with Android and iOS devices.
    • Touchscreen controls and customizable presets simplify operation, allowing users to focus on patient care.
  5. Cloud-Based Storage and Sharing:
    • Secure cloud-based storage for easy access and sharing of images and data.
    • Enables seamless integration with PACS and other healthcare IT systems for comprehensive data management.
  6. Telemedicine Capabilities:
    • Facilitates remote consultations and second opinions through live streaming and sharing of ultrasound images.
    • Supports real-time collaboration between healthcare providers, enhancing patient care.
  7. Battery-Powered Operation:
    • Utilizes the battery of the connected smart device, ensuring long-lasting operation without the need for frequent recharges.
    • Portable design allows for quick deployment in various clinical environments.
  8. Educational and Support Resources:
    • Access to Philips’ extensive library of educational materials and tutorials.
    • Ongoing support and updates ensure the device remains at the forefront of ultrasound technology.
  9. Cost-Effective Solution:
    • Offers a high-quality ultrasound system at a fraction of the cost of traditional machines.
    • Perfect for clinics, small practices, and mobile healthcare units seeking affordable yet advanced imaging capabilities.

Benefits for Clinics and Doctors

  • Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy: The high-quality imaging and advanced features of the Lumify improve diagnostic confidence and patient outcomes.
  • Flexibility and Mobility: Its portability allows clinicians to perform ultrasound exams anytime, anywhere, making it ideal for emergency situations and mobile healthcare services.
  • Improved Workflow: The user-friendly interface and seamless integration with existing systems streamline workflow, saving time and improving efficiency.
  • Patient Engagement: Real-time imaging and telemedicine capabilities facilitate better communication with patients and between healthcare providers, leading to more informed and collaborative care decisions.

The Philips Lumify is a revolutionary portable ultrasound solution that combines advanced imaging technology with the convenience and flexibility of a mobile device. It’s designed to meet the needs of modern healthcare providers, offering a cost-effective, high-quality imaging tool that enhances patient care and operational efficiency.

The app has a straightforward interface. Philips Lumify provides real-life imaging and lets you perform different functions such as freezing, capturing and saving images.  It allows you to calculate the weight and gestational age of a fetus when examining a pregnant lady.

The ultrasound machine features advanced imaging algorithms that help you create stunning images. Philips Lumify comes with a multi-touch interface that allows you to adjust the power, depth, and color of images. You can read a review about Philips Lumify.

How can you use Philips Lumify?

Philips Lumify

Most people who have some experience in conventional ultrasound machines may not be conversant with using this portable device. It is however easy to scan using a portable device. You only need to plug the available three transducers into the Android device you are using through the USB connection.  You can also use a Samsung tablet to download the Philips Lumify app.

Though the transducers of Philips Lumify look slightly similar, they perform different functions. The broadband sector conducts high-resolution imaging. You can use it to scan areas such as the lungs, abdomen, and heart. It also applies when conducting gynecological exams.

There is also the curved array transducer which performs in-depth applications. It provides you with high-resolution imaging for scanning areas like the internal organs like the gall-bladder and lungs. When you want to examine soft tissues such as the vascular areas, you should use the line array transducer. You can also use it to examine the vascular regions.

The three transducers have a wide frequency range. When you plug in any of the transducers, your Android device or tablet will detect it immediately. Feel free to choose which type of exam you would like to perform.

What are the tools that make this ultrasound machine user-friendly?

Pointer function

Philips Lumify app has a pointer function that facilitates illustrations. By activating the pointer, you can explain a particular area of an image during consultations. Most sonographers use this pointer function to illustrate ambiguous lesions and masses.

Reacts platform

This is a secure and collaborative platform that enables sharing of ultrasound images to other doctors during the consultation. The program is safe from hacking and protects patients’ data.

Make quick critical decisions during an emergency using this portable ultrasound machine. It is an ultrasound machine that provides high-quality imaging to increase accuracy in diagnosing patients. Purchase it today and have the freedom to review patients’ exams from anywhere.


  • Year Launched:2015
  • Estimated Market Price ($):Economy
  • Monitor (inch):5.5″ to 18″
  • Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor:No
  • Monitor Resolution:2560*1600
  • Image Size Resolution:
  • Touch Screen (Inch):Yes
  • Trackball or Trackpad: Touch Screen
  • CP Back-Lighting:
  • Weight:N/A
  • Probe Ports:1
  • Battery:Yes (Standard)
  • Boot-Up Time:less than 10 sec
  • Sleep Mode (Quick Start):Yes
  • Maximum Depth of Field:30cm
  • Minimum Depth of Field:
  • Cart (HCU):Yes
  • Independent Steer & Lockable Wheels:N/A


  • DICOM 3.0:Yes
  • DICOM SR_Cardiac:No
  • DICOM SR_Vascular :No
  • JPEG, WMV, & AVI:Yes
  • USB:Yes
  • HDD/SDD:No
  • DVD/CD RW:No
  • Wireless LAN:Yes


  • Philips Lumify C5-2 Curved Transducers
  • Philips Lumify S4-1 Broadband Sector Array Cardiac Transducer
  • Philips Lumify L12-4 Linear
  • Ultrasound Hard Case for Philips Lumify

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